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Stylish spa and cabins on the Columbia River

Take your time to rest and reconnect with nature in this circle of twenty private cabins. The cabins are linked by a winding roof and each one has its own hammock and picnic table. For adventurous people, there is a lot to do in the gorge and for others, there are wine-tastings and shopping trips in the local towns.

The Portland area is perfect for hiking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and snowboarding. In summer you can visit the swimming holes and in winter you can go skiing. The region is also famous for its many microbreweries and these are certainly worth a visit and so too are the many local restaurants.

Enjoy all the amenities of the sunlit spa and outdoor hot tub in the centre of the courtyard. This wellness suite also includes an indoor soaking pool and a cold plunge pool. After an active day out in nature, treat your aching muscles to a massage and just relax.

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