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Explore Montana on horseback with a Native American guide

This is a unique chance to discover Montana on foot and on horseback with a member of the Blackfeet Tribe as your guide. Take in the spectacular alpine scenery and crystal clear lakes in an area rich in wildlife and wildflowers. At the same time, you will learn about Native American traditions and cultural heritage.

The area of East Glacier, Montana is a place of stunning natural beauty in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Here you have the chance of seeing moose and grizzly bears in the wilderness. Book a guided tour for one day or an overnight all-inclusive stay in the pristine Badger Two Medicine National Forest.

This area is very important in the 10,000 year old creation myths of the Blackfeet Nation. From the stories and experience of your guide, you too can gain an understanding of the distinct and cultural heritage of this particular Native American tribe.

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