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Whale watching in Monterey Bay

Explore the waters of beautiful Monterey Bay and look out for some of the stunning marine wildlife that lives there. Orcas, humpback, grey and blue whales, and can all be spotted along with dolphins, sea lions, and sea otters. The chances of seeing these creatures are above 95% so you are almost guaranteed to have a great view. And if you don’t see any whales, your next trip is always free.

There is always a marine biologist on board to give you a detailed explanation of everything you can see. They will provide you with in-depth insights into the feeding and migration patterns of marine wildlife. You can really get up close to the water with the specially designed sea-level viewing decks.

You can really look a whale in the eye or watch dolphins jump in front of the bow of the boat. Have you ever been blown in the face by a whale’s spout? It’s quite an experience. And don’t worry if you suffer from seasickness as this can be solved; you will be given a special bracelet designed by Nasa that prevents seasickness.

Onboard the only sustainable charter ship in the bay area, you can rest assured that only clean-burning biodiesel. The biofuel is made from recycled waste vegetable oil from Californian restaurants. It smells of French fries which is much more pleasant than the smell of polluting diesel fumes.

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