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Wildlife safari tours in Wyoming’s National Parks

Join these wildlife safari tours for a once in a lifetime adventure. Whether you would like to take in the scenery or learn about the wildlife, in nature so vast, a private, local guide is invaluable.

Your professional guide James founded this company in 2007 to help people experience the natural beauty of this region. He is also a professional wildlife photographer and has a deep understanding of all the animals in the region. You will acquire the knowledge you need to track and observe animals and also to make your own trip safely into nature for the next time.

You will receive the full benefits of your guide’s local knowledge, whether it is snowmobile trips through Yellowstone National Park in winter or rafting on the winding Snake River in the summer months. Grand Teton National Park, known for its crystal clear mountain lakes and huge mountains, is a great place for safaris any time of the year. Here you can encounter bison, elk, bald eagles, coyotes, deer and with some luck, you may see bears or wolves.

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