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Small-scale and unique

Accommodation in Canada

Your accommodation shouldn’t just be a place to sleep, it should be an experience in itself. Our small-scale accommodations will be a truly unique aspect of your trip, and we’ll tell you why!

More than a place to sleep

Picture yourself in a cottage on Quadra Island, sipping tea while nature stirs around you. Or, in a rustic lodge cosying up by the fire after a day of horseback riding. Or, in a boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver, decorated by First Nations artists with stories of their history.

All of these sound like the perfect place to escape your everyday life! We could go on and on, but for now, we’ll share the added value of your small-scale accommodation.

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8 reasons why our accommodations in Canada are unique

1. Selected for you

Your travel advisor has personally found the most comfortable place for you to stay, with the highest quality, and the best price. We visit our locations regularly to ensure the quality is maintained and the reception is everything you expect.

2. Your host makes the difference

Your host will welcome you with open arms and offer an abundance of knowledge. They know the area like no other: where to find the best views, which coffee shops and restaurants the locals love, what hidden secrets are found off the beaten path, and so much more. Ask them anything!

Stay overnight in a lodge overlooking Canada's Moraine Lake
Go horseback riding with one of our hosts on their property
Traveling with family? Then this is for you!
A beautiful lodge in British Columbia

3. Location, location, location

Anyone who blindly trusts a travel guide often misses the most beautiful places. At least, that's our experience. That’s why we find as many unique accommodations as possible that are close to nature and hidden from mass tourism. This is where the beauty of the country really becomes visible.

4. An exclusive local experience

There are no faceless hotel chains on your holiday. You can fully immerse yourself in places where people really live and work. Learn to ride a horse on a ranch, pick vegetables from the garden, and experience living in the Canadian countryside. The memories you make will last a lifetime!

5. You don't have to travel far

The distances you cover to your next accommodation are never far. Take your time, grab a coffee to go, and stop for lunch at a local restaurant. The journey should be as enjoyable as the rest of your holiday.

Enjoy a cosy cottage in British Columbia
Stay at a picturesque Bed & Breakfast
Enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace of your Bed & Breakfast
Unwind in a comfortable bedroom

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More is possible than you may think

You probably already have ideas for your holiday to the United States and Canada. Nature tours through the Rocky Mountains, spotting orcas near the San Juan Islands, or exploring the streets of San Francisco on the iconic cable car?

For the best local tips and advice, visit one of our online presentations. Meet our travel specialists and have all of your questions answered.