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A land of diverse culture and nature

Regions of the United States

Be astounded by the diversity of the United States. A country that features an astounding range of different landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife. Experience a bespoke journey and discover an array of contrasts. Along the way, visit an assortment of different regions, each one different with its own personality and quirk. Go city hopping, pop into charming small towns, take a nature trip, explore wine regions, or get acquainted with the Native American culture.

The Northwestern United States

The Northwestern United States is less popular for tourists, but it is well worth a visit! Be amazed by the Northwestern states, a place where nature lovers can fully enjoy the mountains and the forests. A wonderful area for walking, canoeing, and mountain biking. The coastline is rugged, interspersed with coastal towns, and features deserted sandy beaches.

The climate is cold in winter, which means that winter sports enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves here. In summer, the weather is always pleasant. Spring is perfect for witnessing the awakening wildlife from the winter. The autumn colours are absolutely beautiful and come in every shade of red. Off the coast, in the Pacific Ocean, you can marvel at whales and orcas. Truly, a spectacle of nature.

Go hiking and explore the national parks
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Get a different vantage point of the United States, kayaking
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California and the Southwest

When you think of California, you may think of cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Here, you will find crowded beaches and 'hipsters'. But it is so much more than that! This state is very diverse. The cities are well worth a visit, but the national parks and desert area that extends from California into the neighbouring states of Arizona, Utah, and Nevada are just as impressive.

Yosemite National Park, for example, is located a bit inland, between San Francisco and Los Angeles. An area with rocks, lakes, and waterfalls. Quite a contrast to the neighbouring Death Valley National Park, which especially impresses with its rocky dry plains and extreme heat. And just down the road, in the desert of the state of Nevada, the city of Las Vegas rises out of nowhere.

Las Vegas is a place like no other. The city is located in the Mojave Desert. Temperatures are therefore high, especially in July and August when the average temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. The evenings bring some relief and that is also when the city is at its most beautiful.

Conquer Yosemite National Park
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Explore Death Valley
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"Flying in a helicopter over Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon and landing on top of Tower Butte to take in the magnificent views is something I'll never forget."

Lisette, Content marketer

Wine regions

The United States is renowned for its wine and there is no shortage of wineries to discover. Wine regions such as Walla Walla and Willamette Valley are world-famous. Walla Walla's wine industry has really gone through a 'boom' since 1970. This place now has more than 100 different wineries, each with its own character, but all equally welcoming.

Willamette Valley is located in a bountiful valley, which runs from Portland to Eugene and is split by the Willamette River. This river is almost as important to the region as the Nile is to Egypt. Willamette Valley is home to approximately 500 wineries, many of which are run by families who produce fine wines with passion and a touch of whimsy. The Pinot Noir in particular seems to really shine in this region.

The vineyards in California are also just as popular. Have the ultimate winery experience and spend the night staying at a special accommodation, nestled between the vines.

Taste local wine in Oregon
The United States has over 200 wine regions to discover


The cities of the United States are a good start and endpoint for a journey through the country. The great thing is that American cities are usually very spacious. This makes the city feel less crowded. Each city also has its own unique atmosphere. So even for those who don't usually consider themselves a city dweller, an American city can still surprise. Also, American cities are well organised with countless museums and a great diversity of restaurants that serve dishes from all over the world.

"I could live pretty much anywhere in Colorado."

Ben, Travel specialist
Soak up the vibes in San Francisco
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Discover Hilo town in Hawaii
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Hawaii is one of the sunniest regions in the United States. Although the originally Polynesian culture is intertwined with cultures from all over the world, it has remained a unique place with its own character. One of the things that makes Hawaii so attractive is its climate. Seen by many people as ideal, with mild tropical temperatures. The Hawaiians only have two seasons: summer and winter.

As well as the ideal temperature, there is endless to experience on this volcanic island. Both for active people and for those seeking tranquility. The colourful nature, clear blue ocean, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly locals make Hawaii a true tropical paradise.

Be charmed by local stores in Hawaii
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Visit an Hawaiian farmer's market and savour the fresh local produce
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Discover hidden waterfalls on the Big Island
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Marvel at all the colours of Hawaii
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