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ca_canoe mercy river_view
Make the most of your Canadian Tour

Top activities to do in Canada

Your holiday should be a perfect fit on every level. That means, we work directly with you to make sure the activities on your itinerary not only appeal to you, but that they also stir that sense of curiosity and eagerness deep within. Below you can find some of the adventures that await on your tour through Canada.

Experience Canada through the eyes of the locals

Canada is a country of endless opportunities, and we’ve scoped them out just for you! Do you want to board a yacht and discover the rugged beauty of Barkley Sound on a journey through the scenic Broken Group Islands? Or, taste the best local dishes on a guided food tour in Victoria through historic sites and remarkable neighbourhoods? How excited would you be to spot the mysterious ‘ghost bear’ in the Great Bear Rainforest, or take a kayak trip over the crystal-clear, glacier-fed Lake Louise? What about all of the above?

Whether you dream of an active holiday that keeps you moving, or you can’t wait for some down time to relax, your Little America travel advisor is itching to plan your perfect holiday.

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Our top activities in Western Canada

1. Wildlife

Canada's vast nature is home to countless wildlife species, and endless opportunities to get up close and personal with them. Spot the grizzly bear, with its brown fur and distinguishable shoulder hump, in Banff National Park. Or, watch a grazing herd of wapiti, special mountain dwellers of the deer family, in the summer.

The coast of Vancouver is abundant with orcas, whales and dolphins. You can see them from the beach, or take a wildlife cruise to get even closer. The Canadian outdoors also provides the opportunity to cross paths with black bears, wolves, mountain goats, beavers, raccoons, marmots, eagles and more.

"The wildlife and nature in Canada is astounding, truly a natural wonderland"

Vanessa, Content creator
Two deers near a tree with a cabin and lake in the background
Deer may visit you on Vancouver Island
Come face to face with a reindeer in the Canadian wilderness

2. Wine

With bountiful rolling plains, Canada lends itself perfectly to viticulture and has been perfecting the craft for the past 200 years. Most vineyards are in the same latitudes as Northern Italy and Luxembourg.

British Columbia's largest wine region is the Okanagan Valley, located about 350 kilometres from Vancouver. But you don't have to travel that far to enjoy a delicious glass of wine! Near the city is Fraser River Valley, another worthwhile wine region.

If you’re up for something unique, try ice wine! Ice wine is made from grapes that have been left on the vine into winter, causing the water in them to freeze. This creates a syrupy wine that is delicious just as it is, or even on your ice cream for dessert.

Explore Canada's astounding vineyards
© Deddeda Stemler
Go on a wine tour together with a local guide

3. Culinary

With a good glass of wine comes a delicious meal! The cities of Canada have a wide variety of restaurants with flavours from all over the world. If you’re having trouble picking from countless options, a food guide will help you find the local favourites. In addition to good food, grabbing coffee to go is second nature in Canada. On any drive, you’ll find a Tim Hortons (Canada’s version of Starbucks) at almost every corner. Most Canadians haven’t truly started their day until they’ve had their large double-double in the morning!

Enjoy a culinary delight with tastes from all over the world
A cup of hot chips in Victoria, BC
Enjoy hot chips - the Canadian way!

4. The First Nations Indigenous culture

Long before Europeans settled in Canada, the country was inhabited by countless Indigenous tribes, each with their own culture and language. The term 'First Nations' collectively refers to these groups today (however, this name does not refer to the Métis or Inuit people, who have partly European and partly Indigenous ancestry).

The First Nations have a beautiful and colourful history that is interwoven with nature. Their stories and knowledge have been passed down through word of mouth for centuries. You can learn more about them by visiting their land, or scoping out various museums, such as the Canadian Museum of History.

Experience the First Nations national dance festival
© Tourism Vancouver/Vision Event Photography Inc

5. Try cycling and kayaking

Canada is an ideal country for nature lovers, and you can see more of it on a bicycle or kayak! Take in the sights as you’re active and on the move.

Cyclists will largely use public roads in Canada, which are generally not very busy. Bicycle paths have been laid out in some cities, such as Vancouver, allowing you to admire your surroundings comfortably and at your own pace.

There are plenty of opportunities to get on a kayak, as well! You can rent them on the lake in various national parks, or even by the sea off the coast of Vancouver Island. As you leisurely paddle, you’ll be encompassed by calming blue-green waters, snow-capped mountains and dense forests.

Be amazed by the spectacular views at Banff National Park
© Jaime Reimer
Discover the mountains as you cruise by on your bike
© Paul Zizka

6. Hiking

If you like to explore on foot, you can indulge yourself in Canada. Traverse the trails of Joffre Lakes, behold the spectacular views of Howe Sound, and venture deep into Cathedral Cove on Vancouver Island. With endless walking routes to explore and all with something new to discover, you better get started!

Hike through the mountains of British Columbia
© Northern BC Tourism/ Abby Cooper
Admire spectacular landscapes
© sergei akulich

7. Sightseeing flights

See Canada's west coast from an entirely new perspective: above the clouds on a seaplane! A sightseeing flight on one of these unique aircrafts is an experience in itself. You’ll discover how diverse the landscape is, and get to remote and normally inaccessible places, as you fly past mountain peaks, over ancient forests, and along the extensive coastline.

A beautiful view from an airplane over the Great Bear Rainforest

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