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Sustainable travel

Travel is the world's largest industry and one that does a lot of good for a lot of people in the world. It employs as much as 20% of some countries' populations. This means people can support themselves and their family by looking after guests from other places.

Join us and make travel more sustainable

Tourism also leaves a fairly large environmental footprint, which we as travellers can offset if we make the right decisions. We proactively seek micro and small businesses to host our clients. These businesses are run with passion by people who love their part of the world and want to share it with you. They are responsive to enhance what they offer to meet your needs (and the planets!).

We combine pragmatic, achievable steps for every host we work with.

This also enhances what you as a Little America guest enjoys when you stay. Think of organic produce straight from the garden and fresh eggs. Well-insulated houses settled in nature where you feel comfortable and cosy whilst using minimum resources, whatever the weather.

Think of that private sitting area next to the lake where the endangered birds come and feed. And think of the beaches kept clean, the trees kept standing, and nature preserved, all because tourism gives it a reason to preserve and enhance our natural world. And it provides work for people to show you this natural world.

Sustainable travel is important to us and our clients

"We offset ALL of our client’s flights and driving, as well as all of our business operations (2x over)."

Andrew, Founder of Little America

Your holiday is CO2 Neutral

Did you know that 3 billion people get their hot meals from open fires like we had when we lived in caves? These fires produce soot and smoke, and this causes 4 million deaths from lung disease every year. Put that into perspective for a moment.

Using open fires also causes deforestation because it burns a lot of wood for small amounts of heating. People in third world countries can spend as much as 1/3 of their income on cooking fuel, and it literally all goes up in smoke.

Your holiday with us is CO2 neutral. This is not the same as saying your flights don’t emit CO2, but we compensate for this through our clean cookstove projects.

Our clean cookstoves in Asia reduce fuel used by 80%

"Every person who travels with us contributes £15 to clean cookstoves"

Andrew, Founder of Little America

If you don’t want to pay, then we will.

Your carbon offsetting contributions, as well as ours, create clean air inside people's homes, healthier kids and their parents. Fewer trees chopped down and more money leftover in the hands of people where every dollar counts. And, it helps reduce that high number of needless deaths each year.

We are passionate about making travel more sustainable. We have taken an action-driven approach to use the positive power of tourism. This enables locals to look after their natural world. We encourage you to get out there and enjoy what they have created.

Andrew Morten, Founder

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