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Ben LA1


After my studies, I wanted to explore as many countries as possible. I started in Canada, where I spent a few months in the Whistler mountains before moving to Tofino on Vancouver Island where I ended up for almost a year.

Get in touch with me at ben@littleamerica.co.uk

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Michael our team ajdu


Hi, my name is Michael, and I have been fortunate enough to have spent half a decade in Canada and the United States. Whilst based in Vancouver, Canada I was able to explore the spectacular province of British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific North West of the United States on a regular basis as well as travel to New York, California, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston.

Get in touch with me at michael@littleamerica.co.uk

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Ilona grapes vineyard okanagan valley


Hello, my name is Ilona Venema and I am a travel specialist at Little America. Exploring and searching for entirely new experiences and one-of-a-kind impressions is the way I love to travel. For me, it’s not only about seeing the stunning scenery but getting to know the country in a uniquely local way. Meeting the locals and staying at special places, away from the main touristic spots, makes for the best stories.

Get in touch with me at ilona@littleamerica.co.uk

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Hi, I'm Andrew Morten, founder of Little America. I was born in New Zealand and have been a forerunner in unique travel to Australia and New Zealand for almost 30 years. After years of experience organising unique, small-scale trips with my company TravelEssence, I decided to create Little America in 2018. Why? Because Canada and the United States are such a fantastic countries to explore. Especially our way of travelling "off the beaten track."

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Uus lisette 1


Hi, my name is Lisette and I’m a content marketer for Little America.

Last year I was lucky enough to go on a three week road trip through the South West of the US organised by Little America. Driving through breathtaking scenery with stops around every corner for amazing walks and hikes in the many National Parks, inspired me to write about places you otherwise wouldn’t think of going to.

Get in touch with me at lisette@littleamerica.co.uk

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Vanessa hawaii volcano


In 2015, I set off on a two-year world journey and was lucky enough to spend 3 months in Hawaii and 3 months nestled between the beautiful mountains of the Kootenays in Canada. Along the way, I stayed with locals and really learned about each place.

Get in touch with me at vanessa@littleamerica.co.uk

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Hi, I’m Courtney! A Canadian born and raised, but always an avid traveller. With family and friends across Canada and the United States, I have explored both my home country, and a large portion of the US, from the east coast to the west coast.

Get in touch with me at courtney@littleamerica.co.uk

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Robert little america


My love for travel was sparked when I lived in Sydney for two years to study International Relations. Discovering the unique versatility of a place on the other side of the world is a special experience that I want to experience again and again. That's how travel has become my world.

Get in touch with me at robert@littleamerica.nl

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