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Caravan Tiny House Portland
small-scale and unique

Accommodation in the United States

A journey where your accommodation becomes a part of your trip. We have a large selection of unique small-scale stays located throughout the United States. Our special and extensive collection of accommodation includes:

Bed and breakfasts. Cottages. Eco-lodges. Farm-stays. Vineyards. Luxury lodges. Holiday houses. Villas. Glamping. Glass pods. Boutique-hotels. Tiny houses. And more. Whether you prefer a crisp and contemporary apartment by the beach or camping in a World Heritage Listed National Park, we have found it. Our accommodations are as unique as you are.

8 reasons why our accommodations in the United States are unique

1. Personally selected for you

Your travel specialist has personally found you the most comfortable places to stay, of the highest quality and the best price. We visit them regularly to make sure that the level of quality is high and the welcome is as you expect.

2. Your hosts make the difference

Our hosts will welcome you with open arms. They can’t wait to show you their part of the world. And they certainly love a good chat! Or don’t be surprised if they invite you to a barbecue - American-style! Our hosts are known for sharing their local tips and hidden gems. So, if you want to know where the best restaurant in the area is, ask them! They know their country like no other. And they’d love to share it with you.

Be welcomed by our local hosts
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Stay at places, away from the mainstream
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3. Special locations

Our accommodations are located in places you wouldn’t normally find yourselves. A place surrounded by the finest nature in the United States. Or next to a secluded beach with no one else in sight. Nestled beside a lake, nearby a national park. A quirky seaside town along the Californian Coast. Wherever it may be, you will be able to experience the real and authentic United States.

4. Away from mass tourism

While other tourists are on a cramped bus tour, staying in ‘typical’ hotels and motels. Passing by all the treasures of the country at a breaking speed, you’ll be staying in real accommodations with real people. A place away from the other tourists, away from the busyness. A place where you feel at home and can really connect with the locals.

5. A local experience

We have chosen our accommodation not based on the interior, but for the exclusive local experience, they will provide you. Stay on a local farm and let your hosts, Jim and Monique show you around their property. Sample fresh produce from their homegrown vegetable garden. A real local experience, that is uniquely yours.

Stay in nature, away from the crowds
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Experience quirky places, filled with personality
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Enjoy wide-open spaces and tranquility
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Wake up to some of the best views in the United States
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