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ENJOY A BESPOKE HOLIDAY in a uniquely local way

Discover Canada

Snow-capped peaks, rolling plains, pristine lakes, vibrant cities, and exciting wildlife like moose, bears, whales and more: you'll find jaw-dropping views around every bend. With an area of ​​almost ten million square kilometres, Canada is not only the second-largest country in the world, but it also has the longest coastline, the greatest number of lakes, and one-tenth of the world’s forests. Are you ready to discover the natural wonders of one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

A journey as unique as you are

Would you like to discover Canada in a uniquely local way? Start your dream journey here. Experience a tailor-made holiday, created by us and enjoyed by you. Stay with local hosts who warmly welcome you to their homes, at unique and special locations. Self-drive and visit the places, others didn't know existed.

Take advantage of our local knowledge

We sit down with all of our clients to personally discuss your wants and needs. We plan and organise everything in detail to create your absolute dream holiday. Feel free to contact us to discuss your holiday plans. Or attend one of our live and informative presentations to learn more.

There are almost 14,000 Grizzly Bears in British Columbia
Stay at personally selected accommodation in stunning locations

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Where to stay?

At Little America, we focus on small-scale accommodation run by local hosts renowned for their friendly hospitality, because we know this is the greatest way to see Canada.

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National Parks

Canada has 48 national parks, each with its own unique characteristics and no shortage of nature! The most widely known and popular park is Banff National Park, but you may have also heard of Wood Buffalo National Park (the largest in the country and one of the largest in the world!), Jasper National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park and Wells Gray National Park. Ideal for travellers who love wildlife and nature, a visit to Canada is a must-do!

Spot wild buffalo in Wood Buffalo National Park
© Darren Roberts
There is no shortage of wildlife in Banff
© Chris Amat

Cities and Towns

In addition to an expansive wilderness, Canada has many beautiful urban areas as well. The five largest cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Of these, Vancouver is a widely popular travel destination. The atmosphere there is relaxed, the climate is mild, and you are surrounded by mountains and ocean on each end.

A beautiful country with rich history, lively culture, and varied, spectacular nature! If you prefer a small-town atmosphere, places like Ucluelet and Tofino are just for you! Ucluelet is a laid-back fishing village on Canada’s westernmost edge. Here you’ll find a pristine coastline, rainforest, secluded beaches, as well as cosy restaurants and boutiques.

Tofino is a 'hotspot' for surfers, hikers, bird watchers and nature lovers, especially in the summer. Many of the country's top chefs are based there as well, making Tofino a mecca for foodies. Go on a culinary journey in Vancouver and enjoy award-winning restaurants.

A beautiful view of Edmonton's skyline. Edmonton is known as Canada's Festival City
© alex pugliese
The city of Toronto from the water. Toronto is known for its many skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, in particular the CN tower - the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere
© Jorge Vasconez
Wander through breath-taking nature in Nova Scotia
© Tourism Nova Scotia/ Acorn Art Photography
Discover Golden in British Columbia
© Louis paulin

Things to do and see

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A selection of unique activities that will help make your journey in Canada complete. With a focus on nature… read more

Indigenous Peoples

Long before Europeans discovered Canada, the country was populated with Native American tribes. These original inhabitants are collectively the Indigenous population, and made up of three groups: First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Today, the Indigenous community accounts for less than 5% of the total population.

Much changed for the Indigenous peoples with the arrival of the Europeans. Not only were their lands taken, they were manipulated, segregated and killed. To this day, there is a noticeable impact that colonisation continues to have on their community.

But their knowledge of the land is great! The culture and customs of the Indigenous are intertwined with nature and worth exploring. For example, at national parks on Haida Gwaii you can hear stories passed down by word of mouth from the Indigenous peoples themselves. These stories tell of the stars, of the land, and of rich harvests from centuries ago.

Spot an ancient totem pole in the Coast Mountains near Vancouver
Discover how the ancient First Nations lived around the Coast Mountains


A vast country like Canada cannot be captured by one type of climate. In the majority of the country, you’ll find continental weather with hot summers and frigid winters (but the west coast is milder).

The northern region of Canada can have ten-month long winters! In the Rocky Mountains, the temperature hardly rises above zero. Snow-covered all year round, these mountains are quite spectacular.

Whatever you’re seeking, from ice climbing winter adventures to summers canoeing on the lake, Canada has the place just for you.

Try ice climbing at Johnson Canyon in the winter
© Noel Hendrickson
Discover Moraine Lake by canoe in the summer
© Jake Dyson
Be dazzled by Lake Louise in Banff
© Paul Zizka
Take a day trip to the majestic Niagara Falls
© Rikin Katyal

European Influence

Canada was mainly colonised by the English and French, beginning in the 16th century. In 1867, four English colonies came together to form the Canadian Confederation. Recently, in 1982, Canada became formally independent from the United Kingdom through the Canada Act. Because of its dependence on the United Kingdom, Canada made significant contributions to the Allied forces in the First and Second World War.

The First Nations communities are rich in culture
© Calgary Stampede
Visit the First Nations parade in downtown Calgary
© Travel Alberta / Colin Way

"I haven't met a Canadian that wasn't friendly."

Ben, Travel specialist
A solitary road and endless sky at Jasper National Park
© Brewster Travel Canada
Enjoy a glass of wine with your local hosts

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Entry requirements

The Canadian border is now open for international travellers. If you are travelling to Canada, you will need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). You can apply for the Canada eTA online. It only takes a few minutes. To apply, you will need a valid passport, a valid credit or debit card, and an email address. The visa costs about $7 CAD and is valid for five years. The application is generally processed within 24 hours. Once granted, you may enter Canada multiple times (for up to 180 days at a time).

Enjoy a hike through the stunning landscapes of Nova Scotia
© Tourism Nova Scotia/ Acorn Art Photography
Be dazzled by the views of Banff

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We'll take the time to get to know you to match your fully bespoke holiday with your pace, your interests, and anything you desire. Combined with first-hand, local knowledge, you'll receive a mapped out itinerary from us - but the process isn't done until you are 100% satisfied. We take care of every detail, so you can focus on relaxing, rejuvenating and reconnecting with yourself and the world around you. Get in touch to get started now.

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You probably already have ideas for your holiday to the United States and Canada. Nature tours through the Rocky Mountains, spotting orcas near the San Juan Islands, or exploring the streets of San Francisco on the iconic cable car?

For the best local tips and advice, visit one of our online presentations. Meet our travel specialists and have all of your questions answered.