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Kayaking among sea otters in Monterey Bay

Paddle silently through the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and experience the marine wildlife up close. In a kayak, you have zero impact on the environment and you are on a level with otters when they come up to the surface.

The sea trough of Monterey Bay is even deeper than the Grand Canyon and this means it’s teaming with marine life. Here you can spot otters, sea lions, and seals all year round and possibly whales and dolphins too. You can also book a kayak fishing trip with a guide and equipment.

Kayak with an experienced informative guide or choose to explore on your own. You are asked to keep at least five boat lengths away from the otters and seals as you are visiting their home. All the equipment you need is provided including lifejackets, splash jackets, and optional wetsuits.

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