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5 things to consider before renting a motorhome in the US

If you would really like to enjoy the landscape and the local culture of the United States we recommend renting a car. Motorhomes are not the most convenient or economical vehicles to travel in; they are large and consume a lot of fuel. Moreover, there are some areas where you are not allowed to drive or spend the night in a motorhome. A rental car is guaranteed to be brand new and it will be much more economical to run than a motorhome. This way you save money, you are more flexible and you can make real connections with local people.

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Motor homes are not allowed on all roads

It is not permitted to drive through Death Valley for example in any type of RV, due to the high temperatures. Some national parks also refuse motor homes, including Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. In addition, the number of campsites in national parks is limited. These campsites are often quite small and certainly not cheap. Once you have found the ideal parking spot for your motorhome, you may want to keep it there, but then you have no transport for the day.


It is important that you can manoeuvre your motorhome well and that you are accustomed to driving a larger vehicle. Most motorhomes are three metres long and nine metres wide. Take into account that the United States has very some beautiful high mountain passes. The question is do you want to be nervous each time you are driving towards another sharp bend on a precipice? And on top of this, motorhomes are not even allowed on some of the most beautiful roads. So it's a case of asking yourself what you really want and how you want to travel.

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Costs Compared

With motorhome rental companies you pay for the number of miles you plan to cover. Meanwhile, when renting a car you have an unlimited number of miles and this gives you more flexibility. Renting an RV is a lot more expensive than a car as they consume much more fuel. Compare 25 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres with a motorhome to 6 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres with a new rental car.

Renting a motorhome can also involve unforeseen costs. Don’t forget to consider fees for one-way itineraries, the cost of campsites and the risk of the deposit not being returned.

Booking multi-day activities also becomes complicated with a large campervan. Suppose you want to spend two days in the Rocky Mountains. While your RV is stationary in the parking lot, the meter will continue to run for the days you are away on your trip.

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Your time is precious

When traveling by motorhome, you will find that you have to spend part of your day every day setting up and taking down your camp. There is the same routine day in day out, filling the water tanks, emptying the toilet, etc. Also, it is not possible to drive with loose items lying around so every day everything must be safely stored away before you can start driving.

Wouldn’t you rather spend this time on a more interesting activity, such as whale watching or cycling in the forests?

Have more contact with locals when travelling by rental car

We want you to enjoy every day of your trip as much as possible. We do this by finding you the best places to stay in small-scale accommodations in the most amazing locations, where you will come into genuine contact with the locals.

At the end of a well-spent day, your host will take care of you. You don’t have to clean up, simply put your feet up and take in the view. This way you will enjoy a real holiday with personal attention and with as many varied experiences as possible.

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You probably already have ideas for your holiday to the United States and Canada. Nature tours through the Rocky Mountains, spotting orcas near the San Juan Islands, or exploring the streets of San Francisco on the iconic cable car?

For the best local tips and advice, visit one of our online presentations. Meet our travel specialists and have all of your questions answered.