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Why you should book 8-to-10 months in advance

Are you dreaming of taking the holiday of a lifetime? Do you have a destination in the United States or Canada in mind? Our advice to our clients is that the "sweet spot" for booking your holiday is 8-to-10 months in advance.

You might be wondering why exactly we recommend this booking timeline. There are several reasons, but the most important of which is that we are travel specialists and our priority is to ensure that people have the ideal experience. When you book during our recommended timeframe, not only is the booking process much smoother for you, but you are also guaranteed your choice of activities and small-scale accommodations. Read on to learn more about why this is your ideal booking time:

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Joining a presentation can help you decide where to go and how long to stay
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Did you know that airlines typically only offer tickets 11 months ahead of time?

Your itinerary is guaranteed

Booking your holiday according to our advice has lots of benefits. It is far enough in advance that you have your choice of accommodations and activities, but isn’t far in advance that you can’t be guaranteed of the booking schedules. Booking 12 or even 15 months prior to your holiday means that only tentative itineraries can be provided and flights aren’t even yet available. Because of this, another advantage of booking at this time is that our itinerary proposal is more accurate, and you’re very likely to get what you want as the spot is guaranteed. In other words, our recommended timeline is your most secure option. There is only more to win when you follow this timeline, than there is to lose.

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We are proud to work closely with our small-scale hosts and guides
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Advanced bookings aren't always possible

Did you know that flights aren't available for booking more than a year in advance? And interestingly, a lasting change in the travel industry since Covid-19, is that many activities and accommodations also don’t favour taking very long-term bookings. When it comes to booking your holiday, therefore, this means that books don’t always open more than a season in advance (this is especially true for accommodations in North America). It is also good for you to know that many places do not book more than one season in advance, which results in some places not even being able to take your reservations more than 11 months in advance. But when you book according to your timeline, your reservations and itinerary are immediately upon approval of your proposal, so you can simply relax and look forward to your holiday!

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Booking on our timeline means you still get your choice in fun activities...
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... And unique accommodations in special locations

Our travel specialists are better able to help you

It's important to remember that you can only benefit from this booking advice! Our intention is to ensure that the planning process is as smooth as possible for you and help you avoid unnecessary hassle that may come from booking at different times. And when you follow our recommended timeline, and book a meeting with your travel specialist 8-to-10 months in advance, your travel specialist is more readily available to proactively work with you to arrange your dream holiday.

We pride ourselves on the speed of our service and our goal is to be able to offer you a personal appointment within a week of your initial request, which we can better offer when you plan to book 8-to-10 months out.

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Our team of experts regularly visits our locations and gathers the best local tips for you
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Be sure to get inspiration and information earlier on

Are you excited about planning your dream holiday, and want inspiration or more information on how your holiday could look like? Don’t feel like you have to wait in order to start planning your dream holiday, there are still plenty of opportunities for you!

If you would like inspiration on what destinations we offer in Canada and the United States, you can visit our destination pages, our blog, or even sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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We are always happy to help

We are always happy to help, regardless of where you are in the planning process. You can arrange to have a meeting well in advance with one of our travel specialists, and still receive inspiration and information about your preferred destinations while you wait. Want to travel in just a few months? That’s also possible. Contact one of our travel experts, obligation free, to get started today.

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