ca_david thompson highway_rocky mountains_view of abraham lake and allstone peak_road
ca_david thompson highway_rocky mountains_view of abraham lake and allstone peak_road
The ultimate road trip

Car hire in Canada for solo travellers

Canada is the land of road trips and is best explored by car. Discover a diverse range of spectacular landscapes. We have many years of experience designing holidays that take in the unique contrasts of Canada. Without the need to visit every ‘highlight’ as promoted in the well-known guide books.

But it is also important not to waste your holiday driving. At a relaxed pace, spend a few hours driving between each location. And be sure to stop along the way to admire the local gems.

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A standard SUV gives you the flexibility to explore more. With maximal fuel efficiency and affordability, it is a comfortable car to drive. A perfect car for a solo traveller with not too much luggage.

National parks

With more than 340,000 square kilometres of national parks in Canada, there are endless natural treasures to explore. The national parks are easily accessible by car and you can easily park the car on the side of the road, and go for a walk. Or simply take in the breathtaking views.

In our experience, Canadians generally drive safely and responsibly. Be aware of the speed limits and wildlife. If you hit a moose, chances are your vehicle will come off worse than the animal. Fortunately, we ensure that you are never on the road for too long. Especially if you are traveling alone.


Canada offers a wide variety of scenic driving routes. These lead you through spectacular landscapes, lush forests, national parks, and prairies. Along the way, you will see glaciers, wildlife, and several hundred lakes. In your comfortable SUV, you can drive at a leisurely pace, and stay at least two to three nights at each location.

Explore the area, meet the locals and make the most of your trip. Are you curious about the ideal routes? Our travel specialists will inform you about the best routes and timetables. We are more than happy to discuss all options with you in a personal conversation.

"Vancouver is one of those few cities in the world that has mountains, ocean, and rainforests within reach."

Ilona, Travel specialist
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You probably already have ideas for your holiday to the United States and Canada. Nature tours through the Rocky Mountains, spotting orcas near the San Juan Islands, or exploring the streets of San Francisco on the iconic cable car?

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