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Carbon offsetting

At Little America, we're all about taking action to make positive differences through tourism. That means we offset your carbon footprint and ensure you travel more sustainably - all to keep Canada and the United States' stunning natural beauty safe and sound for the future!

But we do much more than simply carbon offsetting - we also support local businesses and environmental projects that, together, work towards promoting greener travelling practices.

From the get-go, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of your trip to North America by organising small-scale accommodations and activities far away from mass tourism.

By staying overnight in small, family-run accommodations, you will often be provided with seasonal food - grown, collected, sold, and prepared by locals - directly impacting the local and regional economies these communities depend on - while also helping fund projects that protect the environment and provide these communities with the tools to increase their quality of life.

How do we help?

Your holiday with us is CO2 neutral. This is not the same as saying your flights don’t emit CO2, but we do neutralise every Little America trip with a climate protection project with gold status, as well as working with important environmental projects that help protect the environment and give local populations the tools to become more independent and self-sufficient.

We cover not only the full cost of our own carbon offset, but also yours if you choose not to contribute.

This helps create clean air inside people's homes, which means healthier kids and parents, fewer trees being chopped down, and more money is left in the hands of people where every penny counts. And as a great added benefit - it helps reduce the number of needless deaths each year.

The environmental project we support

Clean cookstove projects

A project that is important for both the environment and quality of life. Did you know that three billion people get their hot meals from open fires like we had when we lived in caves? These fires produce soot and smoke, and this causes four million deaths from lung disease every year. Put that into perspective for a moment

Using open fires also causes deforestation because it burns a lot of wood for minimal amounts of heat. People in third-world countries can spend as much as 1/3 of their income on cooking fuel, and it literally all goes up in smoke.

Every person who travels with us contributes £15 to clean cookstoves.

Andrew, Founder

No greenwashing

Little America is committed to transparency when it comes to our steps towards ensuring a more sustainable and future-friendly travel industry.

It's no secret that air travel leaves a large environmental footprint, but we take many steps to both reduce the impact of travel and support slow travel.

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