US ROADTRIPS P1088522 Death Valley Scenery
US Nationale Parken DSC5851 Driving Montana
US Nationale Parken DSC6410 Grand Teton National Park Wildlife Safari
US ROADTRIPS P1088522 Death Valley Scenery
US Nationale Parken DSC5851 Driving Montana
US Nationale Parken DSC6410 Grand Teton National Park Wildlife Safari
Discover the wilderness of the United States

National parks

With 424 national parks, the United States is nature's open-air playground. A place filled with unique wildlife, geological formations, diverse and wondrous landscapes, and plenty of outdoor adventures. If you are a nature and wildlife lover, the national parks of the United States will be an unforgettable experience.

A man sitting on a ledge looking at the view of mountains
Yosemite National Park is the crown jewel of California
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With approximately 84 million hectares of national parks to explore, there is no shortage of nature in the United States. Most national parks are managed by the National Park Service and some are free to visit. In other national parks, you will need to pay an entrance fee.

Which park should I visit in the United States?

The national parks in the United States are extremely diverse, each one unique with its characteristics. From Yosemite National Park's green forests and massive granite rock formations to Arches National Park's thousands of sandstone arches and the red desert landscape. And the Akaka Falls State Park in Hawaii is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls.

Which national park you visit is dependent of course on what you would most like to see. One of our travel specialists will be more than happy to provide more in-depth information to help you decide which parks you should visit.

Have close encounters with unique wildlife
Grand Canyon Arizona red rocks
Marvel at the Grand Canyon, South Rim
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Discover the National Parks

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, United States

Explore spectacular scenery including peaks, canyons, cliffs, domes, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, lush green meadows, wildlife, and forests.

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, United States

Discover Yellowstone National Park. It sits on top of a dormant volcano and is home to more geysers and hot springs than any other place on earth.

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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, United States

Acadia National Park has a variety of landscapes, including granite-domed mountains, woodlands, lakes, ponds, and ocean shorelines.

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Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park, United States

Watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset from the summit of Haleakala.

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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, United States

Explore towering mountains, shimmering lakes, and ancient glaciers.

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Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park, United States

Discover the uniquely rugged desert landscape in Death Valley National Park, California.

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce, United States

Bryce Canyon is one of Utah's national parks, and is known for its red rock formations called hoodoos.

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park, United States

Nestled in the heart of southwestern Utah, Zion National Park stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring power and…

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, United States

Go camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing at Rocky Mountain National Park

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Arches National Park

Arches National Park, United States

Arches National Park is the world-famous hub for all things hiking, biking and outdoor adventure.

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Denali National Park

Denali National Park, United States

Nestled in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, Denali National Park beckons travellers with its rugged beauty and…

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