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Best time to visit the United States with your partner

The best time to travel to the United States is during the shoulder seasons, spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to October). In this period, the temperatures are perfect for exploring and it is less busy than during the high season. This also means the prices are more attractive and affordable.

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"September is a great time to visit the United States. You can still enjoy great weather but it's a bit cooler and less busy, so it's easier to travel and see the key sites."

Michael, Travel specialist

When should you travel to the United States?


In the Southwest, the temperatures are ideal between March and May. It is a good time to visit Arizona, Utah, and California. The national parks are full of grizzly bears who are coming out of their winter hibernation. You can also spot humpback whales between May and October. The roads in the Rocky Mountains are also clear of snow at the end of May.

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Spot grizzly bears in the national parks


Between June and August, the summer holidays begin and the national parks become more crowded and the temperatures start rising. But in the interior and coastal areas of Washington and Oregon, the temperatures are perfect for exploring nature, and it is not overrun by tourists. Or if you prefer, the Californian beaches are also waiting for you!

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After the warm summer months, between September and November, the climate becomes milder and autumn begins. Autumn is one of the most beautiful periods to travel through the United States, with a spectacle of colour and a large variety of unique wildlife.

In Yellowstone National Park, you can spot bears, moose, bison, birds of prey, and many other species. In the southwestern states of the United States, you can enjoy spectacular hikes through nature and visit a collection of canyons.

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The most ideal time to visit the desert regions of Arizona, California, and Utah is during the winter, between December and February. It is also perfect for sports enthusiasts to holiday in the Northwestern states with a thick layer of snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. Or if you prefer, go and marvel at orcas off the coast of California.

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