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La places blackfeet nation
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US activiteit ADVENTUROUS NATIVE 1 DSC5723 A day with Alger
US Cultuur Geschiedenis P1055501 Jackson Hotel
La places blackfeet nation
US Cultuur Geschiedenis P1099379 Bryce NP
US activiteit ADVENTUROUS NATIVE 1 DSC5723 A day with Alger
Indigenous Americans

Culture and history

Learning about the fascinating culture of the Indigenous Americans is an unmistakable part of your journey through the United States. Get acquainted with the Navajo or the Cherokee tribes. There are also hundreds of other tribes to learn about, each with their own culture and history. Together with an Indigenous guide, listen to their stories and explore their land.

The European colonisation of North America had disastrous consequences for the Indigenous people. But today, the culture of the Indigenous Americans is very much alive. There are countless museums that showcase this, but none will be as impressive as a visit through Aboriginal land.

Although only 5.9% of the Hawaiian population still consider themselves wholly or partly Hawaiian, many elements of the culture have been preserved. Just think of the hula dance and the flower wreath as a welcome. Many traditions have been revived, partly due to tourism. Similarly, the language has been given a prominent place in Hawaiian culture. Since 1978, pidgin, as it is called in Hawaiian, has even been incorporated into the education system. This makes both English and pidgin the official languages ​​in Hawaii.

The hula is the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian Islands
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For the world's largest exhibit on Indigenous Americans, head to Washington DC at the National Museum of the American Indian. This museum highlights the history of more than 1,200 Indigenous cultures. Other popular museums include the Cherokee Heritage Center in Park Hill, Oklahoma, and the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

You will discover that Indigenous American culture and history is not all about tragedy. Nowhere is that more evident than during the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During this annual event, hundreds of tribes showcase their cultural heritage through song, dance, and drumming competitions.

Visit the Washington Museum of the American Indian
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Are you a history buff? The museums in the United States are sure to delight!
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Aboriginal land

A visit to Aboriginal land (which is the collective name for all Indigenous American reservations in North America) is a must during your trip through the United States. Here, you will find unique cultures and some of the most beautiful landscapes on the entire continent. You can often explore the wilderness with a guide from a local tribe, listening to stories about the culture, history, and landscape.

During your holiday to the United States, you will not only experience a unique travel experience in nature, but you will also contribute directly to the survival of Indigenous culture and communities. Your listening ear is invaluable.

Together with a Native American, discover the rich culture
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